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Nano-Clear Coatings

WEATHERED PAINT + nano-clear = 10 Year Performance Warranty

Nano-Clear Coatings are designed to restore, enhance and extend the surface life of 'Freshly Painted' or 'Highly Oxidized' painted surfaces by 10 years.Nano-Clear provides extreme corrosion resistance, abrasion,chemical and UV resistane,water repellery and reduced surface maintenance.Nano-Clear penetrates deep into the pores of frechly painted or highly oxized paijts and dramatically enhances color, improves gloss, dramatically increases surface hardness and extends.

Nano-Clear 1K physical Properties are far superior to leading 2K & 3K industrial coatings including Imron   

Nano-Clear Coating Benefits:

-Extend Re-paint Lifecycle by 3X

-Reduce Re-paint Material Cost by 5X

-Reduce Re-paint labor Cost by 2X

-Reduce Surface Maintenace by 50%

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